As your strategic branding partner, we’ll uncover what issues are holding your brand back. Then, we’ll work to solve them. Great design is only half the battle. You also need storytellers, idea-makers, problem solvers and big picture thinkers. Thankfully, you’ve just met The Kind Group. Whatever your challenge, we’re here to guide your brand towards the future.



Brand Consultation and Competitor Review - Ensuring that your brand stands out, you need to understand the big picture and how it will stand up in the marketplace. In order to maximize your brand and align it with market demands, we look at industry data, and your competitor's strategy to make sure it will stick. 

Logo Design and Development - Your logo holds your identity and will last with you through the years, thus, we can help design and develop your logo to ensure it represents your company today and well into the future. 

Marketing Material - Every company should have marketing material that says how you can help your clients and the reasons why they should choose you. Staying top of mind with a potential client can be the reason you win their business, thus, if it is a card, brochure, or marketing portfolio, we can help design and create it so it leaves a lasting impression. 

Campaign Development - In every industry, a sophisticated campaign can help drive traffic, visibility and more business. Learn how to maximize these efforts by understanding your audience and apply real time data to achieve the results you are after.  

Brand Development Workshops - If you are a professional service provider, small business owner, or just looking to build your personal brand, our workshops are customized to help you reach your preferred audience, nurture clients and uncover new revenue streams.

“I attended one of Jessica’s introductory LinkedIn sessions and found her presentation informative and enjoyable. Jessica has a good presence and an ability to explain concepts clearly and effectively so that everyone can understand.”
— Shane Kazushner - Partner at Morrison Brown Sosnovitch LLP