The Kind Group - How Can We Help?

Today’s marketing landscape can be an enigma and once you think you understand it - it changes! The Kind Group's mission is to educate, support, and supply custom marketing portfolios that help achieve the best results for our clients. Most importantly, we start with learning about your business, and your goals to provide marketing insight on what matters most to you.

Have you ever said or thought the following?

"I have no idea what my marketing dollars are paying for."

“My last marketing campaign didn't deliver the results I was expecting"

"I don't see the value in marketing online"

Sadly, I have been met with these sentiments all too often. However, it is from this experience that fuelled The Kind Group to offer a fresh approach. One that is custom to you.

Every business is different. With different needs, different goals and different service offerings.  We get that.  Learning about our clients business is what we love most. We believe in today’s fast paced environment that the impression you leave can be the difference between acquiring a new client or losing them. To help simplify matters, we’ve grouped all marketing efforts into three categories - Strategy, Branding, and Development, which we believe are all integral to producing results.

What makes a good marketing strategy? It starts by asking the right questions. You can’t make smart marketing choices in a vacuum. Creating a comprehensive strategy should begin with sophisticated data. However, in a world of big data, how to determine what data you should focus on and how data interplays with one another can be a complicated formula. For example, in the digital landscape, understanding your competitors and their strategy can greatly impact yours, and thus, can't be ignored. Moreover, due to ever-changing search engine best practices, we recommend doing a digital audit to ensure your work online to date is yielding you the best results possible. In my experience 90% of digital marketing can be improved. Strategy should also include reviewing data of your clientele, preferred audiences, search potential of keywords and phrases, and the basic supply and demand in the marketplace. Only once these elements are considered can you see the big picture, your opportunities, and then begin planning.

Why is branding important? I have to admit, when we started building The Kind Group, I underestimated what branding truly meant and how it can affect a company’s success. Simon Sinek’s ‘The Golden Rule’, is a helpful place to start, as we often overlook why we do something and focus on what we do. Your brand is the root of all marketing. It is also the one variable that should stay constant in a business’s life span. I speak to branding a lot in my LinkedIn Workshops, as many people are quick to say what they do, but leave out the why and how - which we believe are the two most important elements to any brand. From a marketers standpoint, gone are the days of prompting features and facts. As Seth Godin says "good marketers tell a story". We help you make sure your company’s story sticks with the right audience by understanding why you do what you do, and then creating a brand that delivers that impression and value.

How do you maintain your marketing strategy? Especially in this digital landscape, marketing is a constant effort. Since you are an expert in what you do, you may not be able to devote the time necessary for a strong marketing campaign in an ever-changing industry. As experts in marketing, what we can offer is the daily support needed to keep you ahead of your competition. Through thought leadership and marketing campaigns, we develop a road map based on your goals to ensure you stay top of mind, gain or sustain market share, and build brand valuation. To verify that your marketing spend is providing the strongest return, it is paramount that campaigns are measured and evaluated regularly - something that is too often overlooked.   

As Marketers, we should be Changing the Mantra from 'Always be Closing', to 'Always be helping'. - Jonathan Lister (LinkedIn)

Our philosophy is exactly that and we believe the only way to help is to understand. It is our job to help you understand marketing, the options available and together, what choices to make for the best results.  In order to do so, we provide you invaluable insights on your clients, your industry, your competition and how to leverage what you have done to date. Most importantly, we help you plant the seeds of your story and bring it to life.